Thursday, January 8, 2015

Info Halal berkaitan dengan daging Babi

NewS ::: Tahun 2015 indonesia akan diserbu produk makanan LN khususnya dari Tiongkok dan Thai. Berikut info ttg halal haram ..... INFO HALAL HARAM

Mungkin banyak yg tidak / belum tahu bahwa label bertulis "This product contain  substance from porcine". Sebenarnya maksudnya adlh "Produk ini mengandung bahan dari babi".

Selain itu, diantaranya label yang kerap digunakan adalah "The source of gelatin capsule is porcine" yang artinya "Kapsul dari gelatin babi".

Berikut adalah istilah sains yang digunakan dalam produk yang mengandung/menggunakan unsur babi:

1. PORK : Istilah yang digunakan untuk daging babi di dalam masakan.

2. SWINE : Istilah yang digunakan untuk keseluruhan kumpulan spesies babi.

3. HOG : Istilah untuk babi dewasa, berat melebihi 50 kg.

4. BOAR : Babi liar / celeng / babi hutan.

5. LARD : Lemak babi yang digunakan untuk membuat minyak masak dan sabun.

6. BACON : Daging hewan yang disalai, termasuk / terutama babi.

7. HAM : Daging pada bagian paha babi.

8. SOW : Istilah untuk babi betina dewasa (jarang digunakan).

9. SOW MILK : susu babi.

10. PIG : Istilah umum untuk seekor babi atau sebenarnya babi muda, berat kurang daripada 50 kg.

11. PORCINE : Istilah yang digunakan untuk sesuatu yang berkaitan atau berasal dari babi.

Porcine sering digunakan di dalam bidang pengobatan / medis untuk menyatakan sumber yang berasal dari babi.

Semoga bermanfaat,
Firly Ramly Group
Produk Halal Tanggung Jawab Bersama

Mohon dishare kembali ke keluarga, dan umat Islam...

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Alternatif Lain Menggunakan XAMPP : WPN-XM

Blog Walking dan ketemu ini, WPN-XM sebuah aplikasi mirip xampp yang dapat kita gunakan sebagai salah satu alternatif untuk memudahkan dalam membangun website seperti XAMPP. Namanya adalah WPN-XM, software ini adalah free dan open source sebagai web server yang sudah ter-bundle dengan aplikasi-aplikasi yang Anda butuhkan.


WPN-XM ini lebih sesuai digunakan bila Anda memang ingin menggunakan teknologi yang terbaru. Karena bundle yang digunakan adalah aplikasi – aplikasi pilihan yang sering digunakan saat ini. Diantaranya adalah:

- Penggunaan GUI database menggunakan Adminer dan phpMyAdmin

- Menggunakan server Nginx

- Menggunakan database MariaDb

- Terdatap XDebug sebagai debugger dan XHprof sebagai profiler

- Node Js dan composer pun sudah dimasukkan, jadi tidak perlu susah untuk menginstalnya lagi.

- Untu koptimasi Js sudah disiapkan Google Closure Compiler

- Dan untuk cachenya sudah dipersiapkan pula APC dan Men-cached

Dan untuk GUI nya, jangan ditanyakan lagi. Sangat mudah digunakan hingga untuk pengaturan extensi dari PHP sudah memiliki interface yang mudahdigunakan.


Bila Anda penasaran ingin mencobanya silahkan ambil disini dan untuk panduan installasi lengkap silahkan lihat disini.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Developing Blog Articles : Tips

Today I would like to change the format a bit to publish the article, and this time give a list of the Top 10 Blogs for personal development with links to their respective sites. The list I have generated based on certain policies, for example:

  • Quality articles
  • Frequency of publication
  • Friendliness website
  • Ranking and visits
  • Mastery of the subject

Among other. The idea of ​​sharing these sites you will see below, is that you can continue learning beyond what I write on this blog, because while most tell better. It is noteworthy that the sites then do not follow any specific order. All were considered equally.

1. Overcoming Club

According to the author José María Vicedo in this site are shared Best Ideas for self-improvement and motivation . By its content and design, it is a quite nice blog to read, with good ideas and great articles, great place to consider to increase our knowledge in personal development.

2. For a Better Life Coaching

In this website, the great Coach Emma Garcia, shares his knowledge about personal development. An excellent blog, you can not miss, definitely one of the most recommended, excellent quality puts him on this list with honors.

3. Create Your Reality

Create Your Reality is an entire website devoted to positive thinking, conscious creation, law of attraction and everything having to do with personal development Road Less Traveled. Topics undoubtedly appeal to many who visit my blog (myself included : D ).

4. Posts For Personal Growth

This site, although it is not updated very often, it's worth giving a good review. Contains very interesting topics including articles, stories and messages about personal growth are included.

5. Optimal Infinite

In this blog, Jose Miguel Bolivar taught us good detail Innovation and Productivity for a World 2.0. Manages the concept of GTD (Getting Things Done - Conduct things).

6. Self-Help Resources

I simply love this blog. Its visual appearance is incredibly nice, and your articles could not be better. Not to mention the fact that they are frequently updating their content and resources that are published here are quite useful. One of the best, no doubt.

.7 Motivation

This site will provide the necessary tools to achieve motivation of iron each time you want to take action path to success . A good site that compensates for its graphic simplicity with excellence content.

8 Emotional Improvement

In his blog, Merlina Meiler we share a vision that allows us to improve our emotional life. According Merlina, is for those in a relationship, or who simply wish to improve their quality of life in all aspects.

9 Life Hacker

The title may confuse some. But do not worry, this site teaches us how to hack our lives what we want to achieve and improve in every aspect. Besides also give interesting tips productivity, and not to mention it is one of the most visited in English.

10. Steve Pavlina

This is perhaps the biggest on the world Personal Development blog. It is by far the most visited and valued by all. His articles are usually quite deep. It discusses self-knowledge and awareness to unimaginable levels. Steve pavlina's blog was always my inspiration, even before starting .


I know I know : D 10 But I said I would not want to stop taking into account my blog ;) I recommend you subscribe to the blogs that you like and read what they publish frequently, I guarantee you will improve your life significantly. And if you have not subscribed to my blog, do it now, at the top right is the form where you just enter your email address and click Subscribe. Do you have somewhere else you want to share?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Twitter Copy Paste Fast : The Example

VIVAnews (VIVAnews)
RT @VIVAbola: Ini Cara Martino untuk Atasi Atletico

budisujatmiko (Budi Sujatmiko)
Di twitland, salah 1 akun yg sangat kuat dlm brhipotesa, adl @kurawa : jitu, obyktif, presisi, dan faktual. Entah apa makanannya om kur -_-'

NdhaAndini (#YukNgaji)
konpers koalisi putih.. perang ideologi dah... :))