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this is test page for blogging through mobile gadget, using MoBlog.

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about zend answer

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Super Alexa Booster

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Last Updated: 23-10-2009
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SEO Booster Pro

SEO Booster PRO – Premium WordPress Plugin

SEO Booster PRO is a Dynamic SEO Plugin for WordPress that automates your blog by tracking, analyzing and utilizing the incoming searches from the search engines.

SEO Booster PRO automatically tracks your incoming visitors from Google, researches the current ranking of the keyword, and then starts promoting the best suited keywords, after installation, you don’t need to do anything else.

SEO Booster PRO will promote your web site to the search engines by detecting incoming traffic through Google; it attempts to boost the keywords most likely to achieve a higher ranking that is specific to each and every blog and article.

It does this by several neat tricks; it collects all the search terms your visitors has used to find your web site through Google and then it researches the current ranking of those keywords and starts promoting the best suited keywords for your blog.

We eat our own dog food by using SEO Booster PRO on all of our WordPress based web sites; so you know it perfectly safe to use.
Totally 100% white head

SBP is one hundred percent white head; in reality, it does everything that you could do yourself if you wanted to spend the time to research, update and track every single incoming search engine visitor manually and then cross-promote all that data and updating links pointing to your articles – day in and day out.

Doesn’t sound like much fun does it? Well, that’s where the dynamic beauty of SEO Booster PRO comes into play.
Keyword boosting techniques

We all want our sites to rank #1 in Google, but being listed on the first page (top 10 rankings) is basically just as good; but for each additional page, the value of the ranking diminishes.

So what SEO Booster does; it figures out the search terms that you are currently ranking for between 11 and 35 (you can change the ranking positions you feel best suits your blog on the setup page) and puts those keywords into a widget that links to the same article that Google links to for that search term.

So if you had a blog about Apple iPad and one of the search terms your blog ranks for is Apple iPad protection and it’s ranked #15 on Google; SEO Booster PRO will then add the keywords Apple iPad protection to your SEO Booster PRO widget linking to the article on your blog about Apple iPad protection, thus boosting the keyword relevance.

This has the effect of reinforcing the link between the search term and the landing page on your site, and it will improve your sites ranking for that search term; when SEO Booster PRO notices that your ranking has improved to position #7 for instance; it will automatically drop it from the widget and replace it with another search term,dynamically improving your Search Engine Ranking Pages.

You can set how many keywords to boost in the widget – 10 search terms are the default and works great for most sites, but you could chose to boost 15 or 20 or more.
Keyword Tracking

However, SEO Booster PRO does so much more than just collecting the incoming search terms; it ranks them for you, letting you know if it has moved (up or down) on the Search Engine Ranking Pages and it can auto-tag each article with the search terms that your site ranks for automatically so you can even have those keywords and search terms added to the page titles for added boosting.

The best part is that it is all automated; hands off. You set it and you can basically forget it and it will churn on in the background boosting your site’s keyword ranking automatically.

There are settings available to fine tune things and you get a list of search terms you are ranking for and their position; that alone can be very useful information in promoting your web sites.