Saturday, April 25, 2009

Anti SNIFFER or Anti Chain and Able...?!

mungkin alias maybe... let's find out...

as we know...

Does your computer often lose internet connection or be in IP conflict?
Does your server always been invaded by hackers?
Do you worry about communication data (eg. MSN,ICQ,EMAIL) being monitored?
Is the speed of your internet connection under the limitation of network administration software such as Netcut.
Does your computer often receive attack by various software of ARP attack such as Netcut, etc.
Is your LAN being in trouble of ARP virus?
The problems mentioned above are all caused by ARP spoofing (ARP attack).
Choose AntiARP is the best solution of the above problems..
This is the English new version of AntiARP 6.0.0 which have been released on 14-1-2009.
No more problems with your internet connection, no more sniffing and stealing your passwords.

so.. why we can try... this stuff...