Sunday, November 8, 2009

Free Auto Approved .EDU Links

For maximum results there are a couple of things that you should bear in mind when using these links:

#1. Most of these links are on blogs, this means that although I link to a specific post you can search others posts on the same blog. This is good because you can then post on posts with fewer outbound links, which makes your backlink more powerful. In addition, this will help to spread out your comments – especially if doing multiple backlinks – so that the blog owner does not think they are being spammed.

#2. All of these blogs are auto approved, that doesn’t mean that they are all unmoderated though. Becuase of this you should make your comments appropriate so that they will not be removed. Place your link in the URL field when possile and use your anchor text in the Name field. Make your comment either relate to the blog post itself or to another comment. This takes an extra few seconds but insures that your backlink will stay up forever rather than being removed as spam down the road.

That’s about it, these are powerful links and you will surely see some gains in search engine rankings after you get cranking away at them so what are you waiting for! – Picky about URL/Name/E-mail if already used on other WP forums frequently (USE FIRST)

Sign Up Required:
———- – Requires quick sign-up but MANY high PR lists to comment on and drop multiple spammy links per comment – no oversight! – Requires sign-up but allows many locations to drop links on .edu pages (forum like discussion board).–FullRecord.php?ResourceId=266 – Requires e-mail validated sign-up, however lets you place as many links as you like in comment body, unmoderated.

Auto Approve Do Follow Blogs:
———- – Comment directly in body, use ‘ – Comment directly in body, use ‘


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