Saturday, December 3, 2011

Neo Replace : Teks in File Replacer

Neo Replace

 Neo Replace V 1.10
Neo Replace is a tool that allows web developers to replace texts in a file. Users can also replace texts in multiple files or a specified folder with just a few clicks. To use the program, the user just type in texts to be replaced and type in new texts; the program will automatically replace those texts in that file. This program only support currently supports actual text files including .html, .php, .xml, .txt, .asp and many more. This program doesn't support binary files like doc, xls, obt, and ppt. This program is free to use.


          - Quick replace texts in a single and multiple files
          - Back up files before replace
          - Support all real text files
          - Very easy to use
System Requirements
          - Windows Installer 3.0 installed
          - Microsoft Framework 3.5 installed

          Download Neo Replace 

Update Information
          Version 1.10      Released: 08/04/2010
          - More stable
          - Recursion fixed 
          - Crash fixed
          - Minor bugs fixed

          Version 1.01      Released: 07/05/2010
          - Bug fixed when replace as a folder when sub folders are included
          - Minor bugs fixed