Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Internet after SOPA PIPA

Did you know, that SOPA is greek for shut up?
Did you know that PIPA (one of SOPA's side bills) is greek for eating cock?
I don't know, if those things have anything to do with anything, other than being a coincidence, but it is funny nevertheless.

SOPA/PIPA will only shut up and put a cock into hard working legal websites. Pirate/Warez sites will always find a way to survive. Worst case, they have to run on plain IP addresses, without DNS involved. And the 'clients' of such sites have full understanding for the hassle and will gladly accept that they have to run and hide, as the sites they visit, since they are illegal and they know that.

But all other websites will feel the impact and loose clients, businesses will be ruined and probably even more people will be driven to Warez therefore, because nobody will understand anymore why the "law" is turning on it's people and punishes them for being legal and law-abiding. Warez sites will actually benefit from SOPA/PIPA as more and more people, who used to be ethical, will reject the law and maybe even reject being law-abiding.

- Inforcer