Sunday, October 28, 2012

Portable Flame Painter 1.2 Portable Flame Painter

Portable Flame Painter 1.2
Portable Flame Painter 1.2 | 18.0 MB

Flame Painter - a unique program that allows you to create original works of art using a flame, rather than traditional drawing tools.
Flame Painter - incredibly beautiful risovalka, where any user can create amazing graceful figures.

Initial settings determine the background dark cloth, but you can change the colors and brushes to achieve other effects. Quite a bit of patience and creativity and Flame Painter creates unique pieces that are difficult to do in the other program.

Using Flame Painter you can easily create beautiful pictures that can be used both as screensavers on your desktop, or draw your own original gift for friends. With it you can create and fractals. And keep on a transparent layer formats tif, png is not unimportant for further work in Photoshop.

The process of drawing in Flame Painter is very addictive - seeding for a couple of minutes, you may find that it has been namnooogo longer. Watching the beautiful spiral prorisovuyutsya noble colors can and do forget about all their activities.

Flame Painter 1.2 Features:
— High quality output
— Loading and saving in PNG — native format, TGA, TIF, BMP and JPG files
— Using transparent background (alpha channel)
— Export with unpremultiplied alpha for composing in other apps (Photoshop)
— High resolution canvas, e.g. 4000x4000 pixels (depends on graphics card)
— Lock picture as a background and paint over it
— Variable length of smooth fade in/out
— Higher flame stroke details
— Gradient Tool with selectable color transitions
— Color Palette selection tool
— Eraser with variable size and opacity
— Full and half resolution full screen preview for large canvas sizes
— Undo / Redo up to 100 steps (depends on your computer memory)
— Zoom In / Zoom Out canvas
— Clear canvas button
— Free panning for large canvases

What is new in version 1.2:
— User interface is modified to be even more user-friendly
— Three painting modes: "Flame", "Follow" and "Ribbon"
— new Speed slider for slower — faster brush movement
— new Width slider to set the brush width
— new Step slider for curves
— Super smooth antialiasing for curve mode