Thursday, May 7, 2009

What is the Widgets?

What is a widget, download free widgets

What exactly are widgets?

Widgets can basically be thought of as shareable gadgets. Therefore
a web widget is a portable piece of code that can be used easily on
numerous websites. To display a widget on your own website, you simply
need to insert a piece of code to your HTML. The widgets main
programming code is stored on the original developers webhost but the
graphical interface is displayed on your site.

For example, LabPixies has a Calorie Calculator Widget (gadget).
As you can see below, for webmasters of health sites, this type of
gadget is ideal to keep visitors coming back each day.

Note for webmasters: It's important to remember that
the widget is being served from a 3rd party and will only load as fast
as their webserver. If it is a popular widget you are using on your
website, then it could slow down your page load time.

Listed below are some great sites where you can download free web widgets:

has some of the coolest gadgets / widgets on the web including games
such as Invaders, Backgammon, Marbles and many others. Their
entertainment widgets include Flickr Slides, YouTube top feeds, Yahoo
Music and ITunes feeds. While their tools category includes widget
clocks, Calculators, To Do Lists and many others.

also has some terrific web widgets including Valentine’s Day gadgets,
Flash Buttons, Questions and Answers, Support Forms, Order Forms and
many others. All widgets also say whether they can be used on MySpace

Not all widgets are for use on websites. For example, Yahoo Widgets
offers a huge collection of Windows and Mac widgets that you can
download to your desktop. They offer news feeds, cam viewers, system
utilities, games and heaps of others.

Last but not least, we can't go past Google Gadgets that offers over 3000 widgets. Your sure to find a few to add to your website to help keep those visitors returning often. (from