Monday, September 28, 2009

How to Submit Sitemaps from Yahoo and Google

1.Meta tags with Yahoo Sitemap

Did you know that at this time Yahoo has joined Google Sitemaps system with the opportunity to give the webmaster and blogger for the sites and blogs to register for free with Yahoo sitemap? Yahoo! as we know is the number two search engine in the world after Google. Index our blog on Yahoo! will increase the visibility of our blog in the internet world. In addition, if indexed Yahoo! will usually also add a link index our site on Google, so how vice versa. Next list / registration blog / site on Yahoo! Sitemaps.

1. Please slide to Yahoo Sitemaps.

2. You will be logged. Enter your email ID and a password.

3. Enter your blog URL address in the box provided.

4. Once registered we blog, there is the menu "Status" click the "authenticated" I have underneath.

5. You'll have two choices meta tags or code you have to download the script. Copy / paste the code and enter a meta tag in the header to your blog.
5. A. Form of meta tags Yahoo Sitemaps for example like this:

<META Name="y_key" content="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"/>

5. B. Header in the form of a template (blogspot / blogger) in the top position is like this:



<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"/>

6. Put the code from the meta Yahoo! Sitemaps below code

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"/>

7. Click SAVE template.

8. Back to Yahoo Sitemaps menu and click on "Ready to Authenticate"

9. Done.

Note: (Update), for example a blog page caught by search engines, this paper with the keyword "Installing Yahoo meta tags" I index by google on the first page. To check Please see here.

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2.Meta tags with Google Sitemap

1. Login ID dg email in GMail
2. At the top of the box ADD SITE -> enter your blog -> Example:
3. Click OK.

4. After that there is in the field have SITEMAP ADD command. Click.


6. Love signs TIK / check in the menu (a) I've created, ff, (b) I've Uploaded, ff. (c) My Sitemap .. ff.

7. MY SITEMAP menu in the URL is. Dg contents of your blog feed.

8. Click the ADD WEB SITEMAP

9. There will be information on the menu that we are sitemap pending.

10. Click on the menu at the top of the Diagnostic.

11. Click the Verify. There is information that the Verification Status: NOT verified.

12. There are menu "Choose verification method" -> select ADD A META tags.

13. We give code

<Meta name = "dst ...">

14. Enter the code in the page meta HEAD blog template in between us

<HEAD> And </HEAD>, preferably under <title> <BlogPageTitle> </title>

15. After the blog template and republish on SAVE, go back to the sitemap and you sign TIK / check in the menu "I've added the META tag in the homepage."

16. Click Verify.

17. Finish.

Note Important:
1. How / tip is only a blog for free I like blogger / blogspot, blogdrive, etc..

2. I blog for the top domain and hosting your own way you can be effective but it's a little less complicated for you experience html / xml. Description can be seen below: