Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mecca2medina feat Raihan

yes, fortunately not nice clips :P but, all respect for them.

i found nice comment

music is never wrong my friend. even Muhammad himself asked Aisyah to bring a group of man that plays drum and music as an engaging ceremony.

secondly, Umar has once asked why there are singers in the Rasulullah's house and asked the singers to get out. but Muhammad said, its ok, its Eid fitr. and Aishah really likes music, so, he didnt chase the singers out of his home.

music and entertainment is like salt in dishes. it is needed, but not too much =)

musik tidaklah buruk, tidak juga haram. Musik dan hiburan itu seperti garam pada hidangan, dibutuhkan, tetapi jangan kebanyakan... hm... meatafora yang maizzz....!